4 Email Marketing Platforms for Brands

4 Email Marketing Platforms for Brands

Email marketing needs to be a part of every brands (artists/creatives, professionals, etc.) marketing strategy. If you want to grow a community, you need to devise an email marketing plan. It’s great to interact with your customers, subscribers, leads, network, or what have you, in person or on social media; but what happens when you don’t have access to social media? You can send snail mail (postal mail), but would that be efficient? It doesn’t make sense if you want to touch base with your audience regarding something time sensitive. If you live in Australia and you have customers in North America and/or Asia, do you think sending snail mail is going to cut it?

As mentioned in a previous post, we are in the age of relationship marketing. If you’re a small brand and there are other brands similar to yours that are being consistent in engaging their current and prospective customer base, making a point to remain at the forefront of their minds, so they know where to go when they are looking for a specific thing, where does that leave you and your snail mail? This isn’t only for businesses but anyone seeking exposure or to build a community online. Many youtubers at the end of their videos mention ‘subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell to be notified every time I upload a video.’ That’s fine, but let’s factor in that many people follow over 30 different accounts, your reminder may just slip through the cracks of the YouTube algorithm. If you’re building a community for whatever reason, you should consider starting a mailing list.

Listed below are a few email marketing platform options to get you started, depending on your budget and emailing needs:

Convertkit: This is for content creators with text-based email style looking to deepen their connection with their audience. You can’t get away with using dazzling imagery because this platform is primarily text focused.

Price: 0 – 1k subscribers $29/mo.

Unlimited Emails Sends70+ Direct IntegrationsFree Quick MigrationEmail & Live Chat Support
ReportingCustomizable FormsMobile-FriendlyVisual Automaton
Subscriber TaggingIndustry-Leading DeliverabilityAPI

All paid versions come with all features except free concierge migration, which is only available for accounts with subscribers over 5k.

14 – day free trial available

Aweber: For small businesses and their team interested in studying the analytics of how to best cater to their community through imagery and text.

Price: 0 – 500 subscribers $19/mo

Unlimited EmailsAutomationSegmentingAnalytics
Customer SolutionsSign Up FormsIntegrationsImage Hosting
6,000+ Stock Photos700+ Email TemplatesEducational Resources

30 – day free trial with all features.

All features available for all subscriber tiers.

GetResponse: For brands focused on using imagery, text, and marketing strategies to convert leads to sells.

Price: Basic: $15/mo (1k subscribers)

Email MarketingAutorespondersUnlimited Landing PagesUnlimited Automation Templates
Sales Funnels (1 Funnel)Unlimited Lead FunnelsFacebook & Instagram Ads/Social Ads creatorSell e-Products
24/7 Live Chat & Email SupportTracking and ReportingeCommerce ToolsForms & Surveys

Other tiers include: simple CRM, webinars, collaboration, account manager, dedicated support, custom workflows, webinars, enterprise, etc.

30 – day free trial with all features

Constant Contact: For small businesses/brands focused on growth.

Price: Basic: $20/mo

Unlimited EmailsCustomizable TemplatesBranded or Industry TemplatesBasic eCommerce Marketing
Contact List ImportList-Building Tools & Welcome EmailPop-Up FormsList Segmentation
Facebook & Instagram Ads & InsightsSocial Posting, InBox, and MonitoringGoogle AdsLanding Pages
Marketing CalendarImage LibraryApps & IntegrationsTracking & Reporting
Mobile AppAward-winning Support & ChatLearning ResourcesAutomated Email Resend to Nonopeners

Other tier includes: Automated email welcome series, RSVP, Subject line A/B testing, Dynamic content, Advanced Ecommerce Marketing, Customizable Pop-Up Forms, Survey, Polls, Coupons, Online Donations, new customer consultation, etc.

60 – day free trial available with all features

Having a mailing list doesn’t have to be daunting. As with any marketing effort you have to be willing to experiment to see what works and keeps your audience engaged. You have to learn what style of communication fits your brand best and what provides your readers with a great experience for your customers.

Also, if marketing isn’t your strong suit, you can outsource it to someone else. If you know who to turn to for marketing help that’s great; but if not, that’s fine too. You can hire someone on fiverr to take the load off and grow your network while you’re at it!

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