Arm Giving Flagship Android Phones A Speed Boost

Arm Giving Flagship Android Phones A Speed Boost

When it comes to the smartphone industry, it is hard to deny the speed and fluidity Apple provides with their effective chip design. Androids have yet to best any speed benchmarks attained by the current model year iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra earned a Geekbench speed score of 840 while an iPhone X from about two years ago earns a 918, lets not compare to the 1,328 speed score of an iPhone 11 Pro. Arm has recently developed a chip that will work to provide better processing, the Cortex-A78.

With the unveiling of this new chip on Tuesday, this means all products using the Arm family of chips be able to get a significant boost, up to 20% compared to the A77. For an even more significant speed boost, Arm also offers a chip that can be customized for even more of a performance boost. The Cortex-X1 chip, offering up to 22% more of a boost in comparison to the A78 design. 

Some companies like Samsung and Huawei have shown interest in this technology. With the addition of this new chip design, Androids will finally not only be a better phone in our personal opinion but about as fast! It is difficult to argue that Apple’s iPhone with its simplistic design and user interface provides functionality that is strongly aided by their chip design. Now with the launch of this new chip from Arm, Android will be difficult to overlook for the zombie iPhone mob. 

Once smartphone manufacturers begin using better processors, maybe then will a personal question be answered. Why do consumers buy iPhones?

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