LeBron James, Lyft, and YMCA Partnership for Mobility

LeBron James, Lyft, and YMCA Partnership for Mobility

When it comes to athletes working to make a difference, it’s hard to overlook the work of actor, entrepreneur, father, husband, and extremely talented basketball player known as LeBron James. Most of his initiatives (philanthropic and otherwise) come back to providing those less fortunate with the tools they need to be able to make a change or difference in their lives. This stands true with the new partnership LeBron James is involved in through his company, Uninterrupted, with Lyft and the YMCA to provide bicycles for the less fortunate.

As most fans of LeBron James would have gathered from his Miami Heat days, he’s a big fan of bicycles. Through this initiative with Lyft and the YMCA, LeBron James believes bicycles will be able to provide individuals with opportunities they would have otherwise been unable to capitalize or maximize on.

This program will allow many people to be able to:

  • Ride their bike a couple cities over to a grocery store, making healthy food accessible. Rather than settling for eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the neighborhood corner store or other readily available outlets.
  • Get to a job interview on time and arrive to work consistently due to having a reliable form of transportation.
  • Make sure their voice is heard during every election.
  • Get to a safe place when disaster strikes within their community.

This is all part of the LyftUp Program, which is set to launch in the upcoming spring of this year, in New York through Citi Bikes. Once the program achieves a certain level of success, there are plans to expand to the windy city with Chicago’s Divvy bikes and the San Francisco Bay Area’s Bay Wheels after that.

The goal of this initiative is to be able to provide transportation for everyone but for now LeBron James and Lyft will work together with the YMCA to identify 16-20 year olds that need the most help. Thousands of kids and young adults will receive a full year of free membership into the program. Lyft intends to raise funds and to allow the general public to donate to the cause.

As of right now, Lyft offers discounted rides within low income neighborhoods to help make getting from point A to point B less of a financial burden and lowering the barrier of entry to a healthy lifestyle, employment, and mobility. Through this partnership between LeBron James, Lyft, and YMCA, many people will be given a chance to improve their own situation and those of their loved ones as well. 

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