Rivian Announced Great News for Reservation Holders

Rivian Announced Great News for Reservation Holders

Rivian, an electric car start up with sizable investments from companies like Ford Motor Company and Amazon, displayed their R1T pickup truck and R1S SUV in San Francisco. The vehicles unveiling was set as a two day event, the “Rivian Open House”, in Mill Valley, California. The event was during January 25th to the 26th from 12 P.M. – 8 P.M. While the event allowed reservation holders to view the vehicles, Rivian opened its event to the general public as well.

The Rivian Open House will not be the last event for the electric car start up. Rivian has a set schedule prior to the launch of their R1T vehicles, planned for the end of 2020 (followed by the R1S SUV). In an attempt to be accommodating, they plan to have a North American tour for all those who couldn’t make their two day event. This is not the only good news for Rivian reservation holders. Rivian revealed that when they make known their prices, they will be lower than what was already announced. Previously, it was released that the R1T pickup truck would start at about $69,000 and R1S at $72,000.

This disclosure could mean they managed to improve their production process, reducing the cost to manufacturer these Electric Adventure Vehicles. 

Rivian has over $3 Billion dollars worth of investments. Their Electric Adventure Vehicles have attracted a lot of attention and set a high bar in terms of expected battery range. Their large battery reportedly can go for 400 miles without a charge and the smallest battery for 230 miles. With a range like that, these vehicles will be competitive within the electric vehicle space, giving companies like Tesla a real run for their money.

One challenge many people are questioning, is whether they will be able to overcome its lack of a supercharging network. Tesla currently has a large supercharging network, providing their customers with a piece of mind that they won’t be stranded somewhere without any means of getting their vehicle up and running. These concerns were met by the reassuring words of founder and CEO of Rivian, R.J. Scaringe. He stated that they plan to roll out a network of charging stations and their vehicles can utilize the charging stations currently available as well.

With a refundable cost of $1,000 to place a reservation on either the R1S SUV or the R1T pickup, it’s very tempting to reserve a spot for their release. With backing from companies like Ford Motor Company and Amazon, there is a lot of promise for the future of Rivian along with the initiative of sustainability. A couple years ago, most would have scuffed at the idea of electric vehicles. Many believed the idea was nice but the execution would be a nightmare. With the emergence of Tesla, the entire auto industry has been transformed and it’s exciting to imagine what is to come in the coming years. Branching electric vehicles into the logistic industry for Amazon, changes are certainly on the way.

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