FiOS Gigabit Customers Offered Google’s Stadia Platform for Free

FiOS Gigabit Customers Offered Google’s Stadia Platform for Free

Toward the end of 2019, Google launched their cloud gaming streaming service called Stadia. Google marked it’s new venture on, November 19, 2019, with the claim that they could stream 4k resolutions at about 60 frames per second, a feat that’s entirely dependent on internet speeds. The platform is accessible through the Chrome browser on desktops, Pixel smartphones, Chromecast laptops, and Chrome OS tablets.

In the evening of January 21, 2020, Google and Verizon announced their new partnership, which would provide new Verizon customers with an added incentive to sign up for their Gigabit plan. This is Google’s first major partner that could help push Stadia, and with Gigabit speeds, it allows users to get the best possible experience while using their platform.

New Verizon FiOS customers that sign up for Verizon’s Gigabit plan receive:

•  A Stadia Premiere Edition
•  A Stadia Controller
•  A Chromecast Ultra (Used to stream Stadia on any Television of your choice)
•  A three-month Stadia Pro subscription plan, after the three months it goes back to the normal $9.99 per month.

This perk being offered to new customers is set to begin on January 29, 2019.

All Stadia products given during the new client signup, belong to the customers even after the initial three months. With the Stadia Premiere Edition alone going for about $130, Google is bringing quite a bit of value to the table! Verizon FiOS offers their Gigabit package starting at $79.99. The package comes with a new approach to providing internet service, they allow you to bundle FiOS internet and TV or a streaming service like YouTube, which surprise surprise, is owned by Google.

With Verizon FiOS currently offering Disney+ for a year to all FiOS subscribers, most are wondering if this will be combined with the deal for Stadia. The answer is yes! These two can be stacked, granted you might want to take a look at Verizon’s press release and read the fine print. This partnership is the first and will not be the last for Stadia, if they want their console to truly stand on its own in the gaming world and gain the exposure it needs. Verizon also stated there will be additional Stadia promotions geared toward their 5G Home customers, so you can rest assured that there is more to come!

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