The iCloud Loophole is Here to Stay

The iCloud Loophole is Here to Stay

About a year ago, Apple released that they will be allowing encrypted iCloud backups on users phones. This was a huge announcement given that Apple is known to openly supply it to the FBI. With claims such as: ‘what happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone’, I think we can all agree that statement doesn’t hold any validity. Their plan to finally give users back their privacy has been taken back following complaints from the FBI.

The FBI claims this will take away one of their most powerful tools for solving cases, which is basically giving them full access to everything on a user’s iCloud backup. From iMessages, photos, WhatsApp messages, etc., this access has allowed the FBI to close cases that would have otherwise been impossible. If Apple continued with their plan to provide their users with end to end encryption, this would have made the data useless and unreadable when court ordered to supply user data. 

Apple has now chosen to hold on to its ability to unlock iCloud data and one source told the Reuters that “Apple didn’t want to poke the bear.” The bear being the FBI, of course. With the iCloud loophole, where all your data can be accessed, Apple somehow owns majority of the smartphone market. Is this from users not being aware of how their data can and will be used? With the US Attorney General accusing Apple of refusing to help with FBI investigations, which Apple denies, Apple has been put in a tough spot. 

The loophole existing is known by the mass majority. The stance for privacy Apple made that they decided against is sure to rub people the wrong way, just as most have come to terms with knowing the iCloud loophole existed. With Apple routinely giving away data on their users, are you looking forward to purchasing an iPhone? 

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